Story about unique horse-drawn carriage in Bac Ha | Sapa Tours in vietnam

02:08:00 01/08/2014

Horse in Bac Ha A horseman, deeply attached to the northern mountainous Lao Cai province’s Bac Ha Plateau, has expressed his love for the area as he carries tourists in a horse-drawn carriage.

Hoang Van Chu of the Nung ethnic sects, who lives in the province’s Na Hoi Nung Village of Na Hoi Commune, is the first admirer of the ‘White Plateau’ to build a horse carriage and earn his living by transporting tourists in the carriage.

“It’s easy for tourists to find a vehicle to travel everywhere on the Plateau, as there are modern vehicles in the area, including motorbikes and minibuses. However, anyone who is well-experienced in travelling will choose the horse carriage,” Chu said.

A carriage ride with a view of the imposing mountain landscape gives tourists the impression of being on vacation and makes them feel a bit like “royalty”.

Travelling the Bac Ha Plateau, tourists will be impressed with the colourful ethnic costumes, the horses’ neighs, and the screams of mountain pigs intermingled with the sounds of hammers on the fires of blacksmiths. In particular, tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy Tam Hoa plums, a tasty specialty of the area.

“Many tourists visiting the plateau shared with me that travelling by horse carriage helped them leisurely enjoy the area’s landscape and take souvenir photos,” Chu said.

He is skillful at shooting and horse straddling and a famed horseman in the area, having learnt how to ride a horse and fire a gun in early childhood.