Make a Difference

Striving to be a responsible tour operator so what we do on our tours:

Make every effort to minimize negative environmental, social and cultural impacts.

Generate economic benefits for local people and enhance the well being of host communities by improving working conditions and access to the industry.

Involve the locals in decisions that affect their lives and life chances.

Make positive contributions to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage and to the maintenance of the world's diversity.

Provide you with more enjoyable experience through meaningful connections with local people, and a greater understanding of local cultural and environmental issues.


What do I have to do on your tours?:

Travelling responsibly means having more fun and putting a little bit back so just enjoy your time while being with us, our staff such as tour operators, guides, drivers, boat crew... have to commit on this philosophy, while making tourism.

Do I have to bring gifts and what are gift ideas if I wish to bring some with me?:

No, you do not have to! but should you wish, this really depends on the places you plan to travel, these could be some things for the children in remote schools, orphanages, homestay....Our tour operator certainly show you this, something simple, light and easy to carry along, and would be nice if purchased in Vietnam, so your dollars can be good for local economy.

Do you have tips for responsible travelers?:

Yes, we do! if you have deeper interest in responsible travel,

Enjoy the memories!