Online Payment

How to pay for our services

 We accept payment with

1 (A) Credit card online payment

2.( B) Bank transfer

3. (C) Money transfer services

A- Credit Card Online Payment

We connect with OnePay Payment Gateway ( ) to accept Online Card Payment. All of your card information are processed through SSL protocol with international card security standard. Your card information will not be stored at our database (merchant) but MasterCard with advanced security system.

We will provide you with a secured payment link for online payment once Sapa Pathfinder Travel and you have agreed with the services and price. And we only proceed with the payment after reconfirming with you.

See instruction to pay online with credit cards

Step 1. Click on the link we provide or copy and paste the address to your browser. The payment gateway interface will appear as below, please double check your payment amount, tick on  the terms and conditions box and click on " Check Out To Pay"

Step 2. Card Information input

Please imput your credit card details in to the form as shown in the picture below.

Online payment password will be required if you have enrolled 3D-Secure Program for your card with the Issuer Bank namely Verified by Visa for Visa card, Master Card Secure Code for MasterCard, and J- Secure for JCB Card.

Step 3. Transaction result

You will be informed to wait for some seconds for the transaction result from OnePay payment gateway. Then, we will send you an email to inform you the Order status and the transaction result.

Note: In some cases, your transaction may be not successful due to:

- Incorrect card information, incorrect Verified by Visa for Visa card, Master Card Secure Code for MasterCard, and J- Secure for JCB Card

- Not enough credit balance (daily or monthly)

- Your card has not been activated for online payment. You should contact your Issuer Bank for the card activation.

Merchant’s support contact: [email protected]


Your transactions were not successful because you did not input or input wrong MasterCard SecureCode Password. After you input card information (card number, expiry date, csc), click “PAY”, you will see an input box to enter the password.

Your Issuer Bank has actived MasterCard SecureCode Program but your card has not been enrolled yet. If you activate this program, you will have the password to make the online payment. Normally, you can log on to Internet Banking Website to activate this.

Please contact your Issuer Bank again to ask information of MasterCard SecureCode password by the phone number behind the card and remake your payment.

Your transaction did not pass MasterCard SecureCode Password so OnePAY system did not send it to Issuer Bank to authorize. Please require Issuer Bank to check your transactions in MasterCard SecureCode Password system, not in their authorisation log.

Note: Please in the process of making a payment, you do not back or refresh (F5).


B- Bank Transfer

Account name: Dinh Quang Thuan



Account number: 09513 7417 6449

Bank SWIFT code: BFTVVNVX095

C- Money Transfer Services

- Western Union Service

- MoneyGram

Recipient information in case you use MoneyGram and Western Union Services:

Recipient's name: Dinh Quang Thuan (First name: Dinh; last name: Dinh Quang)

Cell phone: +84979110111

Address: 785 Dien Bien Phu  Street, Sapa, Lao Cai, Vietnam

Note: No one but Mr. Dinh Quang Thuan is authorized by Sapa Ethnic Travel Co.Ltd  to receive money transferred with the above services.

After sending the money, please inform us your transaction details so we can withdraw the sum. The information needed is:

- Money transfer control number (MTCN): Western Union: 10 digits; MoneyGram: 8 digits

- Secret words, if any

- Country where the money was sent from

- Name of the sender

- Amount of the money

Please make sure the entire transfer fee for B and C paid at your end so we will get full payment.